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Legitimate Age
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Usage of data and information
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Responsibility and Indemnity
Without prejudice to any other terms of this Agreement, concerning to the limitation of responsibility and provision of indemnity, the following articles will be applied to the usage of this website:
This website will not be held accountable for damages incurred from technical errors, transmission faults, glitches, network overloading, restriction of access caused by third parties, illegal intrusion in networking equipment or other failures that are caused by your internet service provider (ISP).

This website will not be liable for any delays, wrongness or miscalculations in prices that you receive from the quotes if these delays, wrongness or miscalculations are caused by third party service providers with which have employed.

This website and any third party provider will not be liable for the lags, delays, incorrectness, omissions or any errors on the data that you will receive in relation to our services.
This website will not be obliged to implement any orders which have been known to be the outcomes of errors or faults resulting from the delays of the system. This also includes the prices that are provided by third party service providers or the system price feeders. This website will not be accountable for executed trades that were based on the result of delays that were mentioned above.
Full Agreement
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