The trading platform of YesOption is powered by Spot 2.0, a white label platform that powers some of the well-known brokers in the market today. Just like other established platforms, the software provider is the one providing the technology while their clients(the brokerage) do the skinning and the designing.

In this review, we will focus on the important features of this platform. The screenshots that you can find in this review have been taken from the official website of YesOption.

Platform Speed and Response: This is an important factor in evaluating a platform because delays can hamper opportunities for making a profit. It doesn’t matter if you’re trading with short contracts for taking advantage of specific movements in the market in order to land a profitable position or you immediately need to enter a trade as you receive a signal from your provider. What’s important is the responsiveness of the platform so you won’t miss an opportunity to make a profit. Some platforms are prone to hiccups and lags and this can be a major issue especially when markets are moving and prices are rapidly changing.

The advantage of this advanced platform is that it is very responsive due to the optimized interface and graphs which won’t cause the software to be sluggish or slow. All the elements load quickly while the asset prices are updated every second. This is a feature that this platform has perfected which is more advantageous than other providers that intermittently refresh their quotes.

With this platform you need to click first on the asset and your chosen price direction before you can enter a trade. Once you’ve set the amount that you wish to invest, clicking on Buy will initiate the trade and start your contract. Although there weren’t any delays or whatsoever, it would have been better if they added a pop-up window so as to avoid making unintentional trades or an order is filled at an amount that is different than the desired amount.

Graphics: The software provider has decided to make their platform less graphics intensive so the images and the graphs would load faster and won’t cause any lags. This however limits them to only use light effects causing the visuals to be a bit monotonous. It’s acceptable though a few additional effects could have made a little more appealing. This may not be the most significant factor that is considered when looking for a platform, but adding a few more engaging visuals probably won’t affect its performance.

Graphs: In relation to the minimal graphics that are used by this platform, they have also made their graphs to be very light so as to avoid using too much computer resources. The timeframe however cannot be altered manually and only changes contingent to the expiry of your selected option. There is no option to view a full graph so what you basically have is a basic graph view making it a challenge to get the information or detail that you are looking for. On the positive side, this allows the graph to get updates without any delays since it cannot cause any delays or lags.

Another advantage of this platform is that it accepts the use of candle graphs to describe price movements for a designated span of time. It may not be an essential feature but it’s an advantage that this platform allowed YesOption to add external graphs for the benefit of their users.

Interface: Using the platform interface for the first time is not going to be a problem as the developers have tried their best to make the navigation experience as simple as possible. They put more attention on the trading part where the main interface has a menu that lists all the available assets including the corresponding payout rates, target price and available expiry rates. This has simplified the process of getting certain details from each asset and eliminates the need to search for the particular asset and click on it to see such information.

Browsing various graphs can be easily done since the platform has optimized them to load quickly for faster viewing. The only thing that’s missing though is the ability to open multiple graphs which is very much needed if you plan to trade different assets at the same time.

Option Types: There’s a huge variety of trading instruments to choose from. They have Binary, Pairs, Long Term, 60 Sec, One Touch, Ladder FX/CFD, Spot Follow and Limits. Such selection gives you the opportunity to speculate on the financial markets in a number of ways.

Account monitoring: The platform also features a section where you can monitor your open trades. The Open Position shows the trade details, the amount you invested, the target price, the market value, the expiry rate, the closing value and many more. Another tab labeled as Expire Options lists the completed trades that you’ve made including the fine details such as the instrument that was used, the option type, the asset, the order time and other pertinent information.

Final Words: What makes Spot 2.0 work well for YesOption is that was able to provide a comprehensive and well-functional platform for those who are serious in trading binary options. It may not be intensive in graphics or special effects to avoid compromising the speed that they promise but it does have all the essential features and information that are needed for trading. Overall, this platform complements the services that are offered by YesOption for a solid trading experience.